Cross laminated
timber construction

Cross laminated
timber construction

for a quicker build from floor to watertight.

Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a versatile building material that can be used for both residential and light commercial projects. It’s a sustainable product made from solid wood boards that are glued together in layers. Used in Europe for decades as an alternative to hardwoods, CLT can help minimise the environmental impact of your project, both during the build and in the long term.

Future proof your build

Sustainability is a core value of the CLT industry, with many manufacturers actively minimising their carbon footprint and restoring resources through regular tree planting and process optimisation. CLT also out-performs conventional construction in passive heating requirements such as air-tightness and thermal insulation, another contribution to its popularity in Europe. CLT has grown in popularity in post-earthquake Christchurch as it has a high strength to weight ratio that is well suited to seismic designs. Tricon has used CLT on a number of projects including commercial expansions, reflooring projects and complete new builds. The interior finish can either be left as exposed wood or gib covered with plasterboard to give the appearance of a standard building material. You can achieve a great result using a combination of exposed and plasterboarded CLT, as in the Bealey Lodge Backpackers Hostel(link to case study)

A recurring frustration of project managers and homeowners are slow builds, or even worse, not having a clear expectation of how long your build will take. Many times, delays originate in the planning phase and gather momentum throughout the build. This, in turn, can incur additional costs and cause added stress for everyone involved.

Case Studies


Why Choose Tricon?


We’re constantly developing new skills to meet the changing needs of our diverse building environment. Our materials selection, prefabricated and modular options, supplier network and building methodologies all have us well placed to adjust to your scope and stay on target with budgets and timeframes.


We’ll keep in touch at each stage of the process. We won’t just tell you the price, we’ll give you supporting documentation, datasheets and timelines. This straight-up approach helps prevent unexpected costs and uncertainty at each stage of your build.


Our in-house capability ranges from concrete specialists to 3D designers and project managers with a lifetime of experience in the Christchurch building industry.


We work with a solid network of suppliers that complement our inhouse skillset. These relationships are built on a foundation of honesty and mutual respect – giving you the peace of mind knowing your project is in good hands.

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